Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mindmap(What is History?)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The ALL-NEW Yahoo! Pingbox!

Hi everybody.I have replaced the Shoutbox with the all-new Yahoo! Pingbox!
Ok,what is this Yahoo! Pingbox!?
It is like MSN Messenger,you only can chat with me or other people when I am online on my Yahoo!Messenger.But you can sign in as a guest,and send me messages.
So,what to do when I am offline and you want to chat with other people?
It is easy,just click the link on the Navbar labelled"Lets Chat!" and a chatbox will pop-up.

Friday, January 8, 2010

2 Day 1 Night Secondary 1 Orientational Camp Personal Reflection

Well,it is not exactly the best adventure camp I have gone to,but it is still a good one.Why?The best part of this camp is that we have more freedom,just like we can wear our anything anywhere.I had actually went to Sarimbun Scout Camp before,managed by the same vendor.That was when I was in Primary 5.We didn't even have a mud slide or flying fox.Now in this 2 Day 1 Night camp,we are able to go for a Night Walk in the jungle,abseiling and mud slide.Anyway,back to the main point,some would ask me what was my favourite activity?Without any doubt,I would immediately say abseiling.The time I was about to fall,I looked down,then looked up at the man handling abseiling.I am afraid of heights.I was asking myself,am I crazy jumping off that?When I was ready,my heart beat as fast as a turbo car.Am I insane!!"Go!Go!"was what I heard faintly,and I jumped off.It was simply"shiok".The wind was blowing into my face,as if I was a dog sticking out my tongue in a ferrari.When I was about to land,I nearly hit the pole.THAT was very scary!What is my second favourite activity?It is actually the nightwalk.Though it was simply gooey,muddy,and there was poo on the ground(if you didn't notice)!!!!!It was actually quite fun,not very scary at all.So this were my favourite two activities.Anyway,I had learnt some very interesting things.Teamwork is actually part of the SST's school value "Forging Excellence"As long everbody work together,it will maximise our fullest potential,which will produce the best results.

Monday, January 4, 2010

First day of school.

It was the first day of school,4th of January 2010 and I was quite nervous.I arrived in school at about 7.30.a.m.The moment I stepped into the school compound I was asking myself.What is this?What am I doing here?Why am I wearing this school uniform?I am supposed to be in Nanyang Primary wearing its uniform,not in SST uniform.I felt like breaking down any moment,due to accelerated heartbeat.Reluctantly,I dragged my feet to the hall,I just can't believe that I am in a secondary school,especially so in SST.However,I had quite a surprised.I didn't know that the classrooms were air-conditioned!Anyway,I somehow ridiculed myself today too.Before recess,we were supposed to lock our laptop into our lockers.What actually happened is that I lost my pin and I can't open my locker!!!Thankfully,Mr Koh reset the lock and I was able to open it.So I went back to the locker during recess to reset the lock and left.But after I came back,I can't open the lock again!!!After this day,I feel that secondary education is not so bad after all,its just a change in your learning background.So this is my first day of school,how about yours?

The first post in 2010

To my fellow peers and my teachers from both Nanyang Primary And School of Science and Technology,Singapore reading this post,

Many big events have occurred in 2009,like the end of the Credit Crisis,the outbreak of H1N1 and PSLE,I am very grateful that we have finally overcame these obstacles.Now the year 2009 is going to be gone,and there will be a fresh new year ahead.Let us be optimistic about 2010.

There will be quite a number of events happening next year,like

  • Youth Olympic Games

  • F1 2010

  • Our first exam in our new school

  • and so on.
    I hope that 2010 would be a fruitful,and fun-filled year.So shall it be.

    Saturday, December 26, 2009

    About twitter(a post in response to Ms Loh's comments)

    Using Twitter is quite difficult to announce or tell the public about something as one would always have limit their usge of words.It is just like writing a summmary,but at "at a higher difficulty level".Or another way is to write continuous tweets but that makes your profile look messy.To me the best way is to summarise what you are going to say,then write it down on a tweet.This way is also quite educational as in secondary school we have to write summaries in english and higher chinese.You have to write under 100 words in your english summary.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Miss Loh!

    My Digital Collage

    Lists of things that know about them:

    And My Favourite is...

    To me,I think Google Chrome is the best Internet Browser.It was my cousin who actually introduced Google Chrome to me.The first time I tried it,within a twinkle of an eye,the page had finish loading.